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. ♪ >>> welcome. i'm bob abernathy. it's good to have you with us. another historic event for pope benedict the 16th this week. his four-day visit to the yinged kingdom. king henry viii broke ties with the roman catholic church almost 500 years ago. as kim reports, benedict's trip has not been without controversy. >> pope benedict went to the uk at the invitation of queen elizabeth ii, the official head of england. the only was john pall ii in 1982. he was greeted with an outpouring of affection. pope benedict has faced outright protests. one major issue is outrage over the clergy sex abuse crisis still swirling over many parts of europe. at the beginning of the trip, benedict admitted the church was not quick and decisive to take the necessary measures to combat the crisis. another is between roman catholics and the anglo-american community. last october the vatican made it easier for disaffected anglocans to become catholic. a highlight is the trip is the -- but perhaps the biggest challenge has been making the case for faith and a nation known for growing secularism. throughout the trip benedic
at some of the other stories making headlines. pope benedict has begun a visit to britain. he flew into the scottish capital, where he was received by queen elizabeth at her residence, the pulse of holyrood -- the palace of holywood. said the allegations of sexual abuse has caused him great sadness. he warned against aggressive forms of secularism. eu leaders are meeting in brussels today in a summit overshadowed by the fight between the french government and the european commission over the treatment of thousands of roma emigrants. nicolas sarkozy has ordered police to deport hundreds of roma from other eu member states. the twister and called this disgraceful. -- the commissioner called this disgraceful. rita, this was not supposed to be on the agenda, but it is clear that this is going to dominate the summit. >> yes, the main focus of the summit is meant to be about opening up trade links with the east, namely with india and china. as you said, it has been overshadowed by the fight between the eu commissioner and the french government. when president nicolas sarkozy arrived this
of mexican independence. ♪ [ music ] >>> a royal welcome for pope benedict xvi on his first trip to britain, but protesters are planning a different welcome of their own. i'm charlie d'agata in london. we will have the story coming >>> we have breaking news again from baltimore. as we first reported, there has been a shooting at johns hopkins hospital in baltimore. the latest information that we have received says that the gunman has been subdued. a hospital spokesperson says the shooting happened on the 8th floor of the main hospital. and of course that floor remains locked down. the condition of the doctor has not been released. we are following the story throughout the day and we will give you updated information when it is available. >>> for the first time ever the leader of the catholic church is in the u.k. pope benedict xvi began his visit to scotland by acknowledging the church failed to act quickly or decisively to deal with priests who raped and molested children. charlie d'agata has more from london ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: pope benedict xvi's first visit to britain began with
.s. sarah shourd spoke publicly. >>> pope benedict talks about the sexual problems with the catholic church. >>> we have the latest on preparations for hurricane igor. >>> our top story. sarah shourd is expected to head home to the united states sometime tomorrow before boarding a flight, she talked about her two companions. >> i want to begin by thanking his majesty, the saltan for welcoming me to this beautiful country upon my release. i want to extend my gratitude to the american ambassador and his wife for hosting my family and i during our unfortunately brief stay. i have a deep appreciation for the doctor for bringing me from th tehran. for the engagement in my life and the life of my fiance and dear friend for the past 13 and a half months. it would be a pleasure to return and it is my deepest, deepest hope that i would be able to show shane and josh the grand mosque soon, one of the most peaceful and powerful places of worship i have ever seen. i will always associate your country with the first breath of my freedom, the sweet smell of sandalwood and the chance to stands by the ocea
already been discussed and what has already been agreed, if anything. >> pope benedict's state visit to britain is intended to improve strained links between catholics and anglicans, but just hours before rate of rise, one of its seniors has pulled out. cardinal kasper is pleading ill health, but it is difficult to not suspect a connection with an interview published in the german magazine. he compares atheism to a disease spreading and compares the u.k. to a third-world country. the mcconnell kasper is an insider, fellow german and senior aide to pope benedict for a decade -- >> cardinal kasper is an insider. he was part of the pope's entourage of britain, but just hours before pope benedict's plane lands, the cardinal has made provocative comments about britain's christian identity and culture. in the german magazine "focus," cardinal caspers said england today is a secular rise, pluralistic country. when you land at heathrow airport, you sometimes think you have landed in a third-world country. when asked whether christians in england are discriminated against, he said an aggressi
will be the measure by which pope benedict's papacy is judged. he has been accused of failing to clean up that filth. is he the solution or part of the problem? that question has asked increasingly over europe in the past 15 years since the head of the austrian church was revealed to be a pedophile. hans is the most senior priest to have resigned over child abuse in the past 50 years. he had been cardinal archbishop for a decade when allegations were made public he has molested boys throughout his career. by 1995 the damage had been done to his victims and the reputation of the church. >> they would not believe it. some of them did not want to believe that because the perspective of faith was shattered. so i think it was a shocking experience. >> this monsignor is a former general of vienna. this -- these days in northern austria he finds himself at odds with the vatican he thinks has betrayed many. he was outraged by the cardinals conduct, but that the vatican had not investigated his record. >> the vatican must [unintelligible] they should have looked at his final -- file and should have decided t
466 years ago. today the head of the church, queen elizabeth, welcomed benedict xvi making the first official state visit ever by a pope to britain. there were two stops in scotland, including an open-air mass, before the pope flew to london. and as mark phillips reports, he spoke about one of the most serious issues facing the catholic church. >> reporter: perhaps aware that he was flying into a storm raging around the catholic church's child abuse scandal, pope benedict decided to clear the air while still in the air, addressing the issue on a flight from rome. "it is a great sadness," he said, "that the authorities of the church were not sufficiently vigilant and decisive in taking the necessary measures." newscast nasty issues of child abuse were not on the agenda during the pope's first official functions, including his meeting with thmeetingwith the queen, ae invitation the state visit is taking place. nor were they broached among the crowd of faithful, smaller crowd than were first predicted for this visit as the abuse scandal and other issues have apparently diminished the ch
. pope benedict arrives in britain for a visit that's already being overshadowed by controversial comments from the vatican. >>> up close and personal. the biggest animals return to the coast of california, after decades away. >>> good morning. as the campaign season is kicking into high gear, we have some new evidence of just how tough november's elections could be for the democrats. >> a number of new polls out this morning demonstrate the growing discontinue tent among voters. one finds 57% of americans believe the country's headed in the wrong direction. just 40% say it's actually going the right way. >> and off the heels of tea party candidate victories on tuesday, democrats clearly have a lot to do. vice president biden was on tv last night, staying positive. >> we are going to retain control of the house. we're going to retain control of the senate. because when the american people focus on the alternative, it's going to be absolutely clear to them, there is no alternative. >> biden also accused the republicans of being a party which has no room for moderates. and he says,
benedict xvi brought his message of the importance of god in the modern world. >> ♪ >> this is the moment that rewarded their patient, good humored, day-long wait. the leader of 1 billion catholics worldwide here in the heartland, the fortress of the scottish catholic identity. many in the church here had anxieties about this moment, that it would feel somehow low- key, anticlimactic. it did not seem so among this crowd. the pope, who is said to lack of popular touch, found a moment of human intimacy in the mayhem and the din. the church has been under attack, but they have kept the faith. this is a papacy that once the real evangelization of the west, a turning back of the secular rising tide, a place to see that has opposed gay marriage, abortion rights, stem cell research. with scotland's secular leaders in his audience, pope benedict called for religious belief to take its place in public discourse and four christian values to shape public policy. >> we should not exceed -- we should not seek to exclude secular beliefs, but to penalize it, yet, this is a guarantee of our pending liber
of protestors marched in the streets of london speaking out against pope benedict xvi. after the pontiff challenged the catholic church of sexual abuse. we have the details. >> reporter: pope benedict xvi expressed shame and humiliation during a private meeting of five survivors of sexually abused clergy. >> i express my deep sorrow to the innocent victims during this difficult time. >> reporter: the pontiff apologized and insured the victims the catholic church is working to protect young people and fully investigate allegations of abuse, but thousands of protestors want more. >> he makes many apologizes, but he always apologizes for other people and their failings. never for his own. >> reporter: pope benedict xvi met with american survivors during his visit here in 2008. during 1950 the catholic church paid out $2 million in abuse costs in the u.s., most in the last six years. >> it is upsetting. that is not where i want my money to go. >> reporter: saturday in london, 20,000 people marched in the largest demonstration against the pontiff in his five year payoffcy. protestors a owe
and lebanon. >> many thanks indeed for that. pope benedict's visit to britain is intended to improve strained between catholics and anglicans, but just hours before he arrives, one of his senior advisers has pulled out, pleading ill health. hard, though, not to suspect a possible connection with an interview just published in the german magazine. in it, he talks of an aggressive atheism's spreading in britain, and he compares it to a third- world country. >> cardinal casper had been a long-term friend and ally of pope benedict. responsible for improving relations between the catholic church and other christian faiths, including anglican is in the united kingdom. but in an interview with a german magazine, he questioned britain's christian beliefs and culture. he said britain was a country marked by a new and aggressive atheism. the cardinal went on to say that when you land at heathrow, you think at times that you have landed in a third-world country. cardinal kasper no longer works with the pope, though he had been due to come to britain to act as an adviser. he has now canceled, the vatican
. >> colonel walter casper is a vatican insiders. he has been a senior aide to pope benedict for a decade. his role is to promote christian unity. he was part of the pope's entourage to britain. now, just hours before pope benedict's plane lands, the cardinal has made provocative comments about britain's christian identity and culture. in the german magazine "focus," he said england is a secular and pluralistic country. when you land at heathrow airport you sometimes think you landed at the third world country. when asked are christians in england discriminated against, he said an aggressive neo-'80s and is widespread. if you wear a cross at british airways, you are discriminated against. it is not known whether the pope has been told about the cardinals views. some catholic commentators have expressed their unease. >> they concern me because some of them, such as this about be a discriminates against anybody who flies with them and where's the crucifix, is obviously a distortion of a news story from some time ago. it does make me wonder what people talk about in the vatican about britain. >>
"" on the dw tv. angerer over france's expulsion of roma. pope benedict makes his first visit in almost 30 years. the father of a german teenager who killed people goes on trial r malauger. an eu summit on foreign policy has been overshadowed between a dispute between france and the eu over the deportation of roma people. they compared the situation is to the situation in world war ii and question their legality. >> leaders ended the note on a cordial note. the mood was frosty at the summit. nicolas sarkozy was said to be furious about the comments about roma deportation from france. he is reported to have had a heated exchange with the european union president. >> allow me to say that this comparison with the second world war with what is happening in our country, that is no argument. it is a sult. it is hurtful. it is a humiliation and the exaggeration. >> sarkozy was outraged that the justice commissioner appeared to compare france's actions to jewish deportations by the nazis. many leaders agreed with him. >> i made it clear that the town and choice of words was not appropriate. we mus
stabbed to death outside his home in britain. pope benedict arrives in london, his first official state visit by a pope since the 16th cent rifment his message, keep the feat. he urges catholics in scotland to stay true to their christian roots. the sarkozy lashes out after critics condemn the expulsion of roama people from the country. >> hello and welcome to "bbc news." we are broadcasting to our viewers in the united kingdom and around the world. politician frs a leading party in the pakistani city of karaci says one of their leaders, imran farooq was killed in london. s he is believed to be attacked in northwest london. british police have not yet confirmed the identity of the victim, but said a 50-year-old victim has died after suffering multiple knife wounds. >> a major police investigation has begun. at its heart, the violent and so far unexplained death of this man, dr. imran farooq, a leading member of a movement and one of pakistan's most controversial political parties. in the pakistani city, there was shock and grief at the loss of one of the party's stars. hussein declared
benedict meets the special litter of the anglican church in the second day of his visito britain new remarks over expulsion in germany. and munich's famous beer festival, oktoberfest, celebrates its 200 anniversary. ♪ >> pope benedict xvi it has met with the archbishop of canterbury. as the pope was preaching reconciliation, police arrested six london and over an alleged terrorist threat to the papal visit. they said the pontiff is calm and there's no change to the schedule of the day, but security remains tight. >> london's westminster abbey saw the leaders of the roman catholic and anglican churches under one roof for a joint prayer service. it capped off the second day of the historic papal tour. it was a chance for reconciliation. tensions between the two concessions rose last year after the pope made it easier for anglicans to convert to catholicism >> i come here today from rome to pray and to join in the gift of christian unity. [applause] >> earlier, benedict gave his keynote address in westminster hall. past british protestors were there including tony blair, who converted
, the bbc uncovers evidence of attempts to rig the polls. pope benedict xvi warns that religion is being marginalized around the world. as the u.n. launches a new effort to help pakistani flood victims we complete our journey down the indus. and selling sperm on the internet? two monday -- men convicted. welcome to bbc news broadcasting to our viewers in the u.k. and around the world. voters in afghanistan are going to the polls to elect a new parliament amid threats from the taliban. washington has warned there are serious security threats. hours before the polling opened there was a big explosion heard in kabul, the capital and it was thought to be a rocket attack the and bbc has uncovered evidence that voters are being approached to sell their polling papers and more. >> once again, afghans are going to the polls. this time for paraphernalia -- parliament. officials want to avoid the corruption and fraud in last year's presidential vote but we found that candidates are again trying to fix 9 results. these two men are afraid to be identified, but their story undermines claims that this
benedict expresses sorrow and shame of the sex abuse scandal during his controversial visit to england. >> they're massive. they're huge. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with jeff glor. >> glor: good evening. a journey that began with a mountain hike more than a year ago is concluding tonight with a long flight toward home. released american hieger sarah shourd left oman today for dubai, while her two fellow hikers remained prisoners in iran. what's next for them? michelle miller has more. >> reporter: after more than 13 months in captivity, sarah shourd is on her way home tonight. before leaving oman she expressed appreciation and hope to the nation that help broker her release. >> i will always associate your country with the first breath of my freedom. >> reporter: shourd arrived in oman tuesday, the arab nation an ally of both the u.s. and iran, mediating the half million dollar bail that was part of her release. it may have saved her life. her morclaims shourd has a lump on her breast and precancerous cervical cells but she laefdz behind the men she was
in london today as pope benedict continued his historic visit to the united kingdom. the crowds included the faithful as well as those protesting the child abuse scandal that has rocked the church in recent years. today, the pope addressed that scandal directly. nbc's nina desantos reports. >> reporter: at a mass in london, pope benedict made his strongest statement yet on the child abuse scandal that has dogged his papacy and shaken the catholic church. >> above all i express my deep sorrow to the innocent victims of these unspeakable crimes. >> reporter: the pope rarely looked up from his prepared text but his message was clear and his words powerful. >> i also acknowledge with you the shame and humiliation which all of us have suffered. >> reporter: outside, 2,000 young catholics who had traveled from far and wide to hear his voice. young people are at the heart of the scandal. over the years it's alleged that thousands have been abused by priests and other church officials, and the pope has been under growing pressure to address the issue. today he confronted it personally meeting pr
violation and more jail time. the 24-year-old finished a stint. >>> pope benedict celebrates mass in britain and addresses the church sex abuse scandal head on. >>> what could drive a woman to throw acid on her own face and make up the story about the attack? details. >>> which is better, sex or shopping? results of the study may shock you. words alone aren't enough. our job is to listen and find ways to help workers who lost their jobs to the spill. i'm iris cross. we'll keep restoring the jobs, tourist beaches, and businesses impacted by the spill. we've paid over $400 million in claims and set up a $20 billion independently-run claims fund. i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. i'm gonna be here until we make this right. ever wew a retirement expert? let's meet some. retirement's a journey and, we know the territory. we're chartered retirement planning counselors at td ameritrade. we're trained. we're seasoned. experienced. we'll help you with rollovers. consolidating old accounts. opening new ones. guiding you through paperwork. we're like retirement co-pilots. call us s
. >> reporter: security teams on guard after uncovering a suspected terror plot targeted pope benedict. they launched a predawn raid on a office in london. five men are under arrest between 26 and 50 years old. all reportedly of arab decent. police say they haven't found hazardous materials in the searches. the pope spokesman said the pontiff was told about the threat as he visited with thousands of catholic school children. scotland yard took a closer look at the security arrangements in place for the pope's four day visit and decided there is no need to change the pope's itinerary. he almost always travels in the bullet proof pope mobile. the alleged plot comes amid anger over the child sex abuse scandal in the catholic church. >> i'm a victim of sexual abuse. i feel that the pope's message is about hate. >> reporter: the terror suspects could be in custody until then. british police can hold them for questioning for 7 days without charge. >>> tomorrow pope benedict will meet with britain's new prime minister and address thousands of pilgrims at open air is service in hyde park. here
shot. pope benedict xvi himself was attacked by a woman last christmas eve, although it was not badly hurt. >> how relaxed do you get, and how close to the public do you get? interestingly enough, in scotland and the other day, for a brief period, the pope got face-to-face with people. there were security personnel very close. >> scotland yard says security arrangements for his visit did not change because of this morning's arrest, and detectives have not so far found anything suspicious. but the six men arrested are still in custody. bbc news, westminster. >> a drill boring a rescue whole has reached the 33 to lay an miners trapped -- chilean miners trapped underground. the drill is called "the machine of miracles" by the families of the miners. three people were killed in kashmir when security forces opened fire. for the first time, the indian army during the police and paramilitary forces in trying to restore order. this came on the sixth day of curfew in the capital and other parts of the kashmir valley. new figures reveal that hiv infections that declined by more than a quarter o
pope benedict was introduced to the reverand. the first time this opponents of female ordination has shaken hands with a clergywoman in public. >> as the pontiff and primate of england process of the aisle, the symbolism was about a coming together of two traditions. >> on behalf of the christian communities, we welcome you to this great shrine which has been of such significance. >> i came here from rome to pray [unintelligible] [unintelligible] >> the piece of the lord be always with you. [applause] >> despite the appearance of unity, serious differences remain between the church of england and the roman catholic church, but today both traditions agreed on the pope's central message, the need for religion to have a recognized voice in the public sphere. >> security is extremely tight and central london after police arrested six men with a plot against the pope. >> just two miles to where the pope is this evening, police officers searching for -- searching through cars. the cleaners arrived for work. the police were acting on a tipoff that five cleaners were preparing to attack the
herzenberg shows us the demonstrations. >> reporter: thousands of protesters called for pope benedict xvi to resign. they say the pope is out of touch with catholics in britain. >> things need to change. >> go away and leave us alone. >> reporter: it is the largest demonstration against the pontiff in this five-year papacy. marchers opposed the catholic church stance on homosexuality, abortion and birth control. but the church's handling of the sex abuse scandal created the biggest uproar. >> i express deep sorrow to see innocent victims of such unspeakable crimes. >> reporter: pope benedict prayed privately with victims of sexual abuse by priests and expressed his shame. pope benedict met with american survivors of sexual abuse by priests during his visit here in 2008. since 1950 the catholic church has paid out $2 billion in abuse costs in the u.s. most in the last six years. >> it is upsetting. that's not where i want my money to go. priests suffer from human frailty as anybody else does. i do not believe the catholic church was aggressive enough in addressing that issue. >> reporter:
it is not flattering towards him. a little message for hill. >>> mixed reaction for pope benedict xvi in the u.k.. celebrating mass with tends of thousands in hyde park this afternoon. hours after a large anti-pope march kicked off in the same location -- in the same location. joining us roman catholic priest and fox news contributor. great to see you. this is a momentous occasion for the church. it was the first time since 1534 when the church broke with england that the pope was there. is that correct? >> john paul ii, did come in 1982, you are right the first time a pope has made a state visit to the united kingdom. and the queen receiving pope benedict xvi and honestly, it was a very moving moment, whether you are catholic, christian or nonbeliever. that is because, pope benedict xvi came to westminster hall, right there where thomas moore was condemned to death for having not supported the king, hen country viii for getting rid of one wife and take another to give him more babies. the fact that the father was there in westminster hall. today with all these crowds of people, yes, there wer
benedict. it's part of a cnn special documentarily examining what pope benedict did or didn't do about the crisis. cnn's gary tuchman has the story. >> at a lakeside retreat in northern wisconsin -- >> come -- >> reporter: terry tries to escape his past. it isn't easy. 50 years ago when he was just 10 years old, terry who is deaf was sent to the st. johns school in milwaukee, wisconsin. what happened there to terry and up to 200 deaf boys is now central to the sex abuse crisis in the catholic church. and to the question of what pope benedi benedict, then cardinal ratzinger knew about it all. terryco hut has never spoken publicly about the horrors he endured at st. johns until now. what did he do to you? >> and then it was that afternoon when i went into his office, the door was closed and the father said, take your pants down. >> reporter: father lawrence murphy was the head master and appreciate at st. johns for more than two decades. a charismatic fund-raiser and respected church leader but father murphy has always been identified by dozens of deaf men who say he raped and sexually a
. currency of progress. >>> queen elizabeth today welcomed pope benedict today. he is only the second pope to ever visit the u.k. one made a his tor cal visit in 1989. >> much has changed in nearly the 30 years since pope john paul's visit. in this country, we deeply appreciate the involvement of the -- in the situation in northern ireland. elsewhere, the fall of totalitarian regimes has allowed greater freedom for hundreds of millions of people. the -- continues to have an important role in international issues in support of peace and development and in addressing common problems like poverty and climate change. your presence here today reminds us of our common christian heritage and of the christian contribution to the encouragement of world peace and to the -- >> remember now the queen is the official head of the church of england and the pope is also the head of state, so they have a lot more in common than you might think. now, here's what's happeninging right now. a huge, open-air mass. this is happening in glasgow. the pope oftentimes will have one of these. this one taking place ri
. click on the political link. >>> pope benedict xvi has been marred by a security threat. >> they have arrested 5 men on planning an attack. they aren't saying whether benedict was their alleged target. >> reporter: he waved at thousands of catholic school children who greeted him. earlier this morning london police were carrying out the arrests of five men they say may have heard a threat against the pontiff. so far the men were questioned but have not been charged. an initial search of businesses and other properties connected to the 5 did not uncover any hazardous item. >> you can say that we are totally confident in the work of the police of scotland yard. >> reporter: for the second day in a row the sex abuse scandal playings his church. >> we want to create a safe environment for children and young people. trusted to us for christian. >> reporter: while he had been met enthusiastically by large crowds a small group has remained upset about the sex abuse crisis. >> he is refusing to open up the secret files and hand them over to police authority. >> reporter: despite these
benedict. counterterrorism teams got word of the threat overnight and launched a raid on an office in central london. five men are under arrest between 26 and 50 years old, all reportedly of arab decent. they haven't found any hazardous material in their searches. the pope spoke to him and said the pontiff was told as he visited with thousands of catholic school children. >> not many people see him and i'm really happy. >> scotland took a closer look at the security arrangements in place for the pope's four-day visit here and decided there's no need to change the pope's itinerary. pope benedict almost always travels in his pope mobile with 8 to 10 body guards. the plot comes amid anger over the child's sex abuse scandal. >> i'm a victim of sex abuse. i was beaten up by catholic brothers in my school and i feel the pope's message is of hate. >> the terror suspects could be in custody until then, british police can hold them for questioning for seven days without charge. charlie dagada, cbs news, london. >>> we'll speak with thousands of pilgrims at an open air service in london'
for joining us today. jenna: "america live" starts right now. megyn: fox news alert pope benedict xvi just wrapping up an historic appearance hours after scotland yard arrested five men who would have had a frightening level of access near where the pope was standing moments ago. welcome to "america live" on a friday i'm megyn kelly. right now the leader of the world's billion-plus catholics wrapped up a speech to both houses of parliament. you can see him on tape, this is laterally two minutes ago. hours ago scotland yard picking up some members of the cleaning crew scheduled to work around this building. here is what we know right now, the five suspects were working as london street cleaners. they were arrested a little bit more than six hours ago. the men's ages range between 26 and 50. investigators acted on a tip that they received last night and they felt was extremely credible. as of right now we are told a search has not uncovered any weapons or hazardous items, as of right now. peter new man is the director for the international center for the study of rad ka liization at king's c
benedict taught about being aware daily of your presence of god with you and in the world. it's mindfulness of creation and of sharing that with others. >> reporter: about 40 of his photographs are now on exhibit at the abby. his photos include his fellow monks. >> those that didn't know his name call him father time. just a gracious man who also swam every day until he was 100 years old. a man of prayer. a man who came to our communal prayer each when he was 100 years old. we give thanks for a man of such character. >> reporter: father james downey. >> late in his life, liked to read, sit out on the porch and smoke his pipe. what we save is the memory of the man, a face that is very content with life and just a wonderful smile. you know, we take a vow of stability and it means that this community is where we live out our life, even where we are buried. father bruce swift. he loves going down to lansing, to the state penitentiary twice a week, hears confession, offers mass for the prisoners. it's a ministry to him and he'll do it until he can't move. >> reporter: at the vatican. >> we sit i
are investigating. ceremony, symbolism, and not a little controversy. pope benedict is making a staunch defense of text -- of catholic teaching and tradition in his visit to britain. on this, the second day of a four-day state visit, the pope has given a major speech in london and will talk to the head of the anglican church. our correspondent was watching the speech and joins me now. he is a conservative pope and he has brought a conservative message. how you say he is being received on day two? >> a real juxtaposition, isn't it? this is a pope who has a very conservative texas catholic doctrine, from anything from his staunch defense of banning the use of condoms, if you like, even if it is a dense part of the fight against hiv, staunch linthicum abortion and conservation -- contraception, issues that you've today will faces challenges in their adult life, but the children and young adults i spoke to were nothing but excited and welcoming to the pope. he addressed the children. it was a different tone than one would might have expected. the kind of speeches yesterday and what we are expected
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